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This is a list of the components which make up this PC. Each component listed can be changed to suit your specification or budget - and with thousands of products to chose from, you can create the perfect machine.

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    Intel i3
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    Intel i7 6 Core
    Intel i7 8 Core
    AMD A Series
    AMD FX 6 Core
    AMD FX 8 Core
    AMD FX 9xxx
    AMD Ryzen 7


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    GTX 1050
    GTX 1050Ti
    GTX 1060
    GTX 1070
    GTX 1080
    R7 Series

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    All you need to do is select a case to complete the build, but you can swap and change anything you want using the list below. To get started, select a Case from the selection in the middle column.

    Case cooling options will be displayed once you have selected a Case

    Storage options will be displayed once you have selected a Case

    Selecting your {{ | parse_key | depluralise}}

    Select an option in the middle column to add or change the components of your PC


    Selecting your {{ | parse_key}}

    Use the options in the middle and the gallery below to see where cooling can be installed. The following information may help you with your selection:

    {{key | parse_key | capitalise}}

    The front of your Case should be used to suck cool air into your PC. With good airflow, from front to back, your components will be kept cool - which means they could run faster and last longer. It's recommended to balance the air flow going in and going out of your case, slightly leaning towards more going in.

    Eg, 3 fans on the front (3 intake), 1 on the rear and 1 on top (2 exhaust).

    The balanced airflow helps with cooling, but also having more air coming in helps to keep the dust out. This creates a slightly positive pressure in your case, so dust isn't brought in through the panel joins.

    From your Case selection, you can have {{system.cases.extra.cooling.front.number}} front fans

    The rear fans exhaust the warm air out of your Case, however they can also add to the overall aesthetic of your PC. If you have selected a Case with a side window, the rear fan is usually visable. A nice LED fan in the rear of the Case can really make it pop.

    From your Case selection, you can have {{system.cases.extra.cooling.rear.number}} rear fans

    The side fans exhaust the warm air out of your Case, normally working in conjunction with any rear fans. One thing to keep in mind however is the balance between too many exhaust fans - you may want a similar amount of intake fans in the front.

    From your Case selection, you can have {{system.cases.extra.cooling.side.number}} side fans

    The top fans exhaust the warm air out of your Case, however as this is a common position for watercooling radiators, the top fans can also help cool your processor. Even if you've not selected watercooling, the top fans are still normally the closest to your processor, so they could provide a boost to an air cooler as well.

    From your Case selection, you can have {{}} top fans

    The bottom fans exhaust the warm air out of your Case. Whilst this isn't a common place for fans to be installed, they can sometimes help circulate the air around an internal harddrive bays that maybe in this area of the case.

    From your Case selection, you can have {{system.cases.extra.cooling.bottom.number}} bottom fans

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    If you're happy with your PC, click the button below to see an overview before adding to your basket. Alternatively you can use the navigation menu on the left to make any further changes.

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    Finance From:

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    This PC may have some additional items or promotions only available with certain hardware. You can still customise this PC, but the additional options may not be available

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