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i7 *Two Free Games*
Intel's 8th Gen CPUs **NEW**
i3 Coffee Lake
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i7 Coffee Lake
i7 X99
i7/i9 X299 *NEW*
Ryzen 3
Ryzen 5
Ryzen 7
A Series
FX 6 Core
FX 8 Core

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GTX 1030
GTX 1050
GTX 1050Ti
GTX 1060
GTX 1070
GTX 1080
GTX 1080 Ti
RX 550
RX 560
RX 570
RX 580

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Keyboard and Mouse
Not Required

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Not Required

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You can add to your PC. Select each item you would like as normal. To remove an item, click next to the component in the left selection menu

Adding Fans

You can add Fans where ever your Case will allow it. To add a Fan, select the position from the list on the left, eg, Front 1 Case Fan, and the select the Fan you want from the middle column.

That was easy, nice work!

You can keep customising your PC using the options on the left, and when you're happy, just click the Finalise button in the bottom right

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