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Expansion Cards

Sound Cards
Wireless Cards
For the best experience, please use the builder in landscape orientation

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Once you've selected an item, click '+' to add it to your PC

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Product Selection

This is a list of the different products you can customise your PC with. Click on a product name to view the product information, and click '+' to add it to your PC.

Searching for a partcular product:

  • Use the search box to find a particular model
  • Use the circles to the right to filter on different attributes

Multiple Selection:

  • Some components can have more than 1 item, eg, hard drives
  • If more than 1 item can be installed, a list of available 'slots' will appear here
  • Click the '+' button to add an item to a slot
  • Click the 'x' button to remove an item from a slot
  • Click the 'tick' button to change an item in a slot
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Case cooling options will be displayed once you have selected a Case

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Manufacturer Installed Fan (click to Upgrade)
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{{system.graphics_cards.items[1].model | parse_model}} + SLI Bridge (£10)
Add a Second Graphics Card
Select a Mid, or Full ATX Case if you wish to add a second Graphics Card

Additional storage options will be displayed once you have selected a Case

Solid State Drives

Add a Solid State Drive to your systemAdd another

m.2 Drives

Add an m.2 Drive to your systemAdd another (Requires a motherboard with 2 m.2 slots)

Hard Drives

Add a Hard Drive to your systemAdd another

Optical Drives

Your selected Case doesn't support Optical Drives
Add an Optical Drive to your systemAdd another

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Operating System

This PC will come with no Operating System installed. Please click here to add Windows, if you need it.

Product Specification

Product Specification
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Total So Far:

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Finance From:

Finance Available from £300

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