Get your game on with the latest 7th gen Intel® Core™ Kaby Lake processors.

Intel: Powering the Leaders in Pro Gaming 


The new generation of Intel Core Kaby Lake processors have injected new life into PC gaming. With a focus on high-end 4k and virtual reality experiences, Intel have created the most powerful PC gaming processors ever.


Intel hardware and technologies allow you to push your gaming PC to the limit – and beyond. Get the maximum performance out of your PC gaming system with Intel’s powerful Turbo Boost 3 overclocking technology.


The best PC games are even more fun when they’re optimised for Intel hardware. With great ties to most major PC gaming publishers, you can be sure that your favourite online worlds will run smoother on Intel hardware.


Game like the pros using the same technologies that drive your online heroes to greatness. The Intel Extreme Masters Series is the longest running global pro gaming tour in the world and sets the standard for the professional eSports world.

Water Cooling Available

Most of our Intel range either comes with water cooling, or has water cooling as an option. If you're thinking about adding an overclock, these water coolers are a must. Just click 'View' to see the optons.

Storage Upgrades

Witness the power of m.2 NVMe solid state storage. With options from 250GB to 1TB, you can have lightning speed and capacity beyond any SSD you've ever experienced. Larger capacity hard drives are also available.

Graphics Card Options

All of the Intel Gaming Rigs featured on this page offer a great selection of graphics card options from MSI, EVGA, ASUS and Gigabyte. Our recommended components are just the beginning


We offer a huge range of components from the worlds top manufacturers so that you can have the Gaming PC of your dreams.  You can select one of the pre assembled Gaming Pcs below and make alterations to it or if you are more of an enthusiast your could try our Next-Gen System Builder and design your own PC from scratch!

Don't see something you like?  Please give us a call - we're always happy to help.


Designing and maintaining a high quality gaming PC can be a challenge. Our customer support team are on-hand to help guide you through the process and you can expect prompt and knowledgeable support from our tech team. 
We are here as your safety net.

3 Year Warranty 

Such is our confidence in the quality of our work that every custom desktop or gaming PC we ship comes with our Platinum 3 Year Warranty as standard. That's 3 year parts, labour, shipping and life time tech support, all at no extra cost, giving you total peace of mind!

Outstanding Quality

Nothing compares to the perfection of a well designed rig, built and tested by our team of experienced professionals.  Our aim is to exceed your expectations when it comes to build quality. We only use high quality components from the worlds most respected manufacturers.